Are you confused by the maze of regulations in your newly awarded Government Contract? Accounting requirements outlined in the FAR is confusing and complex. Capital Financial has unique expertise in navigating compliance with the regulations ensuring you recover all your allowable costs and fee. 

Are you properly segregating your unallowable costs? Doing business with the Department of Defense requires certain expenses be excluded from indirect rates applied to their contracts. Capital Financial can help you be certain your treatment of all your costs will pass a DCAA Audit.

Are you familiar with the latest version of the ICE model? The Incurred Cost Electronic submission is due annually. Capital Financial can help you submit an accurate compliant ICE model that will build a positive relationship with government auditors.

Are you meeting DCAA requirements to manage your indirect rates? It's not uncommon for a small business to require a mid-year rate change, but this can be a challenging process. Capital Financial can help you forecast your year-end rates and strategize the best approach to meet budgeted rates.

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