Contract & Program Management
Understanding the requirements of Government Contracting and Program Management can be difficult. We are here to help you with your Contract and Program Management needs.

Contract / Task Order / Modification Review

Are you having a tough time navigating through all your contractual language and understanding the requirements? Let us help you understand what each section, paragraph, and clause mean to you as a Government Contractor.

Preparation and Management of Contract Data Requirements List (CDRL)

At Capital Financial CPAs, we can help you to understand, prepare, and submit CDRLs that are in compliance with your contract and delivered on time helps you to improve your Contractor Performance Assessment Ratings (CPARs) which is beneficial to you in the future.

Project Forecasts & Budgets

Program Management not only involves managing people to ensure the job gets done, but it also entails managing the Project Budget and preparing Forecasts on a re-occurring basis. At Capital Financial CPAs we can assist with establishing project specific forecasts and budgets while also managing them.

Contractual Compliance

Our team of experts have over 20 years of combined government contracting experience and can assist you with contractual compliance. We can assist with the development of policies and procedures, implementation, and manage revisions in accordance with your contractual obligations.
While working for a defense contractor, I am fortunate enough to be able to work with the team at Capital Financial CPA. Their knowledge, professionalism, and friendliness far exceeds that of others that I have worked with in the past.
K. Davies
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