Government Contract Accounting
Did you know that the Federal Government spends nearly $400 Billion per year on Government Contracts? We specialize in assisting government contractors with their accounting needs.

Cost Allowability & Compliance

Are you confused by the maze of regulations of your Government Contract(s)? Or possibly a new solicitation that your company is interested on bidding? Capital Financial CPAs has a unique expertise in navigating compliance and regulations, including Cost Accounting Standards (CAS), to ensure your company realizes all costs and fees. We are experienced with the implementation and monitoring of many compliant accounting systems. Our team can assist in establishing and maintaining a compliant QuickBooks accounting system utilizing job costing, as well as more complex accounting system such as UNANET, Costpoint, and other accounting systems.

DCAA Audit Support

Our team of experts can be a liaison between you and DCAA or other Government Agency and can develop an audit package for a more seamless audit. We can support you prior to your DCAA Audit to review compliance and prepare the company. Let us assist you to with all DCAA and Government Audits!Annual Incurred Cost Electronically (ICE) Report Services.

Annual Incurred Cost Electronically (ICE) Report Services

Do you have a cost reimbursement type contract? Are you familiar with Incurred Cost Electronic (ICE) requirements? The ICE submission, also referred to as an Incurred Cost Proposal (ICP), is due annually in accordance with DCAA requirements. Capital Financial CPAs can help you prepare and submit an accurate and compliant ICE model / ICP that can build a positive relationship with government auditors. We stay up to date on current DCAA ICE Model changes to better assist our clients and positioning them with success.

Provisional Billing Rates

Provisional billing rates (PBR) are indirect rates estimated for the coming year that are submitted to the government annually. At Capital Financial CPAs, not only do we have experience in assisting with the preparation of the PBR, we also have the capability to prepare your current actual rates monthly and update your forecast throughput the year.
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