Cost Proposals
Capital Financial CPAs is here to help you develop your best cost proposal.

Interpreting the Solicitation

Government Solicitations can be tricky to navigate which makes submitting a proposal that is the BEST VALUE to the Government challenging. Let us walk you through each section of the Solicitation that your company has chosen to bid on to increase your Probability of Win (PWIN)!

Indirect Rate Preparation

A major component and deciding factor to a win are indirect rates. At Capital Financial CPAs we can assist you with preparing indirect rates for a particular solicitation or indirect rates to be used annually by your company. This can be a great way to ensure your indirect rates are accurate and as low as possible when it comes to bid time.

Market Research for Direct Labor Rates

Pricing labor categories for a Solicitation can make or break a proposal in some cases. Do not lose an award due to your direct labor rates being too high! Let Capital Financial CPAs assist you with your next win.

Proposal Compliance

It is not uncommon to hear of a company that was not the successful awardee due to a non-compliant proposal. Here at Capital Financial CPAs, we can help your company ensure that their proposal is compliant at the time of submission by creating custom compliance check lists for individual solicitations that can also be submitted as part of your proposal to assist the Government with their evaluation process. Contact us to find out more!

Cost Narratives

Cost type proposals can be labor intensive when it comes to substantiating both indirect and direct costs. Capital Financial CPAs can develop custom templates for various proposal types as well as assist you with completing the cost narrative itself. Let us help you achieve your company goals by assisting your team with a winning proposal.

Excel Cost Proposal

Not everyone loves to do cost proposals, especially large excel files that almost look unmanageable! Luckily, we have a team of excel savvy professionals that also understand the requirements of a
Government Cost Proposal. Let us help you get your next Government Contract.
Heather and her team are amazing! When we went searching for a new accounting firm we wanted a company that could do our books and come along side of us as an extension of our internal team (performing accounting tasks, developing budgets for proposals, helping leadership strategize solution).Accurate and timely accounting is crucial to our success and Capital Financial CPAs delivers. As the person ultimately responsible for the company’s success, I can now rest easy knowing that we have a solid foundation in our accounting department and effective process related to our financials.
R. ramirez, ceo & president
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